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We believe it is essential to simplify our lifes. is about opening doors with your phone. consists of:

  • Hardware - a special door lock
  • Software - a mobile application is different

Key management through cloud

Mechanical lock, electronics, batteries and a cylindrical lock. Truly all-in-one solution. is different

Easy to install technology

Today you have one physical key to open one door lock. gives you endless unique keys to open one door lock. is different

Asymetric encryption security

Connect your to the internet through SiM card or WiFi is different

Multilevel zonation support

Nowadays we lock the door by turning a physical key two times. locks the door automatically.





  • complete built-in smart lock solution. No need to drill holes.
  • advanced security: gives you endless unique keys to open 1 door lock.
  • today we lock the door by turning the physical key 2xtimes. locks the door automatically.


  • elevated comfort for guests: no more cards or chips. No more waiting in the line.
  • send keys to quests as short message, directly to phone.
  • savvy approach: currently used locks don´t have to be exchanged – only modified.


  • an easy way, how to setup the zoning of office space for renters.
  • monitoring of (employees') check-ins and check-outs.
  • complementary solution with existing plastic cards and chips.


  • send keys to quests as short message, directly to phone.
  • set the validity of the key to an exact period of time.
  • no more troubles with how to give and hand over the keys from quests.
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Our Management Team

Martin Adam

Martin Adam

Robert Gasparik

Robert Gasparik

Andrea Kundrova

Andrea Kundrova
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Is compatible with my door? fits every door type, with the exception of security doors. If you want to be sure, simply measure your current lock size and send us the dimensions. We'll get back to you with more details. Don't hesitate to contact us.

What if I lose my phone?

The second you block your SIM card, the mobile application becomes blocked and you are still able to open your door as suppors physical keys. Once you'll get your new phone, the door lock is ready to use.

How do I make work?

First, remove your old lock, install the new lock and insert the batteries. Then download the app from Google Play. Now you are ready to sync your lock with your phone. Once the device pairing is finished, your new lock is ready. More details are available in the user's guide found inside the package.

Does it work with iPhone?

To use with iPhone just turn on the bluetooth and after first device pairing you are ready to go.

What if I forget my phone or it is discharged?

Both supported wireless interfaces (NFC and Bluetooth) consumes very little energy. However, in case your phone is completely discharged, simply open the door with a physical key.

How secure is

Today you have one physical key to open one door lock, gives you endless unique keys to open one door lock.

Exchange your standard key for

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